Heart Attack

A Life Changing Experience

Heart Attack is a month long immersive empowerment course specifically designed to give you the practical tools and experience to be your best self and create your optimal life in any environment you may be in.
We do this through a six phase process of experiential learning, empowerment and guided self-development; giving you the awareness and capabilities to accomplish any goal and find the balance you’ve been looking for, all while creating unforgettable experiences.

Stopping The World

Take back the time for yourself to relax, reconnect and find your inner power!

By popular demand, we’ve developed a special retreat to enable people to escape the stress, and dissatisfaction of a fast-paced life. Giving you time to literally STOP the world for ten days so that you can reconnect with yourself, experience true centredness and peace, whilst developing the tools needed to handle the day-to-day stress of life and work on your return home.

Imagine taking 10 days to yourself. I mean really switching off from work, technology and day-to-day stress. Dedicating your time to self care, nutrition, connection with nature & discovering an international network of like-minded people. That’s Stopping The World.

Next Experiences Soon!

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